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Air cargo news, analysis and business intelligence from air freight rates to mergers and acquisitions and regulatory actions involving the world's largest and smallest air cargo airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa Cargo and AirBridgeCargo.

Security remains a top priority within the forwarding community with several enhancements our industry would like to see soon. 

Brandon Fried
Airforwarders Association
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The song will likely remain the same regarding the air cargo sector in 2018: increasing demand, which suggests that building a 'time safety cushion' into your supply chain is prudent.
There will be little respite for shippers struggling to reserve air cargo space on the major trades until mid-February, with strong demand expected to continue until the Lunar New Year.
Shippers of air cargo are in for a rough decade if a grim outlook on airport capacity by the International Air Transport Association proves correct.
The strong performance of air cargo this year has continued into the fourth quarter and the positive sentiment is expected to reach well into 2018.
Holiday orders up 20 percent, strong demand reported from airlines and logistics providers — the good times continue to roll for the air cargo business.
Securing air cargo space for customers in a tightening market has led to Flexport chartering freighters during the peak season with plans to set up a weekly freighter schedule in 2018.
Atlas Air is the latest carrier to announce expectations of a solid peak season, but the rising demand for airlines will limit the space available to shippers and push up freight rates.
The shipment of outsized or heavyweight air freight has demanded agility, speed, and quick thinking from forwarders, charter brokers, and carriers.
Rising air cargo volume is coinciding with growing passenger travel, and slots for freighters flights are being squeezed at hub airports in Europe.
The cyclical air cargo peak may be moderating slightly, but carriers continued to enjoy strong volume and yields during September.
Continued slow growth in the global economy suppressed revenue at the world’s top 50 transportation service providers.
Air cargo executives are wallowing in a sea of positivity as volume grows at double digits and they expect the strong demand to continue for another year.
DSV has been making the most out of a resurgent air freight market and continuing synergies earned through the acquisition of UTi.
Nittsu Research Institute and Consulting Inc. has revised upward its forecast for Japan’s air cargo trade growth.
It will not happen overnight, but experts believe supply chains and transportation will become increasingly automated and more efficient as technology enables real-time exchange and analysis of vast amounts of data thanks to
As the US and relief organizations struggle to move goods across battered Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria's legacy will include long-term damage to supply chains.
Solid growth in air cargo has been maintained since late last year, with carriers heading for their best annual performance in seven years.
Higher base rates boosted revenue, but a cyber attack and hurricane helped depress profit at FedEx this summer. The transport operator plans across-the-board rate hikes.
An early peak season is expected in the air cargo sector.