Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Demand for air freight through much of 2017 and into the first quarter of 2018 was boosted by stronger economies and trade, with e-commerce growth and a broader inventory restocking cycle keeping space tight and freight rates sky high. Air cargo is now heading into the slower summer months but capacity is expected to tighten into the fourth quarter. Double-digit growth in late 2017 means the year-over-year comparisons may not be as severe, but shippers have been advised to book their space early.


2019 Breakbulk and Heavy-Lift Outlook
Jan 24, 2019 2:00PM EST
2019 Container Shipping Outlook
Feb 14, 2019 2:00PM EST


News & Analysis

20 Dec 2018
Trimming inventory has been made easier as visibility of shipments improves, but it leaves little room for error and even a slight disruption can divert cargo into the air.
15 Mar 2018
Air cargo is in catch up mode as it slowly drags itself into the digital world.
12 Mar 2018
Aligning capacity with fluctuating demand and sticker-shock pricing is always a tough dance in the air cargo spot market, and it is getting more difficult.
09 Mar 2018
The scheduled Hong Kong-LAX freighter service to be launched by Flexport is aimed at locking in space on the busy route.
A UPS air cargo flight.
07 Mar 2018
Tight space in air cargo will keep rates up and keep shippers under pressure, especially during peak periods.
Dungeness crabs in Seattle, Washington.
23 Feb 2018
Because of its perishable status, long-distance seafood export has always been a challenging task — even when all operational factors are in one's favor. Add an air cargo space squeeze, uneven consumer demand, and foul weather and the task can approximate a varying obstacle course.
SeaCube Container Leasing.
22 Feb 2018
The emerging digital supply chain is offering shippers improved reefer container tracking, as well as better control / management of the cargo's condition. But a decade of reefer underinvestment and an accelerating global economy has led to a shortage of reefer containers.
A worker repositions refrigeration containers.
22 Feb 2018
Strong demand for fresh foods and other perishables that require refrigerated transportation is encouraging news for the global reefer market in 2018. However, logistics challenges threaten to drive up prices and, in some cases, prevent in-time delivery for these limited-shelf-life products.
FedEx - one of the world's leading air freight companies.
13 Feb 2018
Driven by rising e-commerce sales, last year saw a 9.5 percent surge in global air freight tonnage for the 12 months ended Nov. 2017 — the industry’s strongest performance since the global financial crisis of 2010; and the uptrend is expected to continue in 2018.
UPS's advanced package scanning and sortation equipment at the facility will speed the delivery of manufactured goods in both directions across the border.
06 Feb 2018
The new facility near the El Paso International Airport will serve shippers in what is called “the Borderplex” — a manufacturing region stretching out from the cities of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
05 Feb 2018
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has received its first air cargo shipment from China under a World Customs Organization pilot program that uses data sharing to speed up customs clearance.
01 Feb 2018
Three Dutch shipper and logistics organizations have called on the government to speed up the implementation of a local rule on aircraft landing slots at Amsterdam Schiphol and end a crisis that has cut full freighter numbers by 12 percent since the end of October.
Demand for air cargo is increasing in Bangladesh as the nation's exports vector higher.
31 Jan 2018
Given limited domestic air cargo space, and increasing demand for quick-shipped goods, Bangladesh businesses are exploring air cargo options outside the country.
A tight air cargo market may ease slightly, thanks to a late Lunar New Year.
31 Jan 2018
A late Lunar New Year may smooth out the traditional spike in volume ahead of the major holiday, officials said.
23 Jan 2018
Freighters calling at Dutch airport gateway of Schiphol have managed to secure landing slots for the current winter season.
22 Jan 2018
The recovering air cargo market is generating unprecedented growth at selected airports in Asia and Europe.
18 Jan 2018
Shippers of air freight should get used to tight space and high prices because demand will continue to outstrip supply on the busy trade routes.
15 Jan 2018
The space-choked China-US air freight routes may see rate levels reach incredible highs as demand overpowers supply ahead of Chinese New Year.
11 Jan 2018
From air freight to ocean to trucking, e-commerce is exerting palpable influence on the various transport markets.
08 Jan 2018
Airlines and forwarders are expecting online shopping to continue growing e-commerce volume into 2018.
02 Jan 2018
In a series of conversations, JOC executive editor Mark Szakonyi surveyed three shippers on how 2017 fared for their supply chains and what 2018 holds.
02 Jan 2018
Economic health is driving growth in cargo volumes.
28 Dec 2017
The song will likely remain the same regarding the air cargo sector in 2018: increasing demand, which suggests that building a 'time safety cushion' into your supply chain is prudent.
22 Dec 2017
There will be little respite for shippers struggling to reserve air cargo space on the major trades until mid-February, with strong demand expected to continue until the Lunar New Year.
20 Dec 2017
While handling record volumes this holiday season, FedEx is speeding efforts to integrate TNT Express into a ‘hardened’ information technology infrastructure following last June’s cyberattack.
14 Dec 2017
Strong and sustained air cargo volume pouring through Europe is having positive and negative effects on the airport gateways.
13 Dec 2017
Global air logistics leaders say their focus for 2018 continues to be on technology and processes.
11 Dec 2017
Freight rates for air cargo are rising steadily and space is at a premium with no slowing of demand.
07 Dec 2017
Shippers of air cargo are in for a rough decade if a grim outlook on airport capacity by the International Air Transport Association proves correct.
06 Dec 2017
Peak season demand is using up all available capacity and pushing up rates to unheard of levels.
01 Dec 2017
Morocco is aggressively attracting foreign companies through its special economic zone system.
01 Dec 2017
The strong performance of air cargo this year has continued into the fourth quarter and the positive sentiment is expected to reach well into 2018.
24 Nov 2017
Holiday orders up 20 percent, strong demand reported from airlines and logistics providers — the good times continue to roll for the air cargo business.
22 Nov 2017
These are the best of times for the global airline industry but look like the worst of times for UK carriers and airports as they sweat over Brexit.
18 Nov 2017
Shippers are scrambling for space on aircraft and paying more for their cargo as robust volume in Asia-Europe and Asia-North America trades quickly mop up available capacity.
16 Nov 2017
Securing air cargo space for customers in a tightening market has led to Flexport chartering freighters during the peak season with plans to set up a weekly freighter schedule in 2018.