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Logistics news, intelligence and analysis on the many parts of the international logistics supply chain including distribution centers, refrigerated supply chains, logistics technology and logistics companies and third-party logistics providers around the world such as C.H. Robinson, FedEx, UPS, and XPO Logistics.

The US regulatory agency begins the year with two vacancies — vacancies that will likely have a policy impact.

As an industry responsible for connecting world markets, facilitating trade across borders and between continents, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effective solutions remain in sharp focus, not only at a transactional day-to-day level, but at the strategic level to position for the future.

Knud E. Stubkjaer
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Technology that provides real-time cargo location visibility gained much attention in 2017, as did tracking for containers, chassis, and other equipment. That trend is likely to continue in 2018. Here's why. 

A key, new container shipping partnership will commence operations in 2018's first quarter, and it will affect the intra-Asia supply-demand equation.
Key north-south parties expect the positive trade pattern to continue in the year ahead, but there are challenges that could dent that forecast.
The song will likely remain the same regarding the air cargo sector in 2018: increasing demand, which suggests that building a 'time safety cushion' into your supply chain is prudent.
Capacity, not price, is king once again.
To cope with shifting demand, most newer car carrier ships are larger and more versatile, with design features that enable them to carry high and heavy project and breakbulk shipments, in addition to vehicles.
The RFID system enables exporters and importers to track goods in transit through the port to inland container depots, container freight stations, and to end-users.
In container shipping, a 'black hole' exists in the supply chain, according to a logistics pro. However, a port information portal used in a pilot project by the Port of Los Angeles is providing more visibility.
There will be little respite for shippers struggling to reserve air cargo space on the major trades until mid-February, with strong demand expected to continue until the Lunar New Year.
The proposal, which would substantially decrease truck trips, would also lower importer logistics costs and transit times.
In the battle for Asia imports among US coasts, "those with capacity, including terminal, supply-chain and network capacity, are going win," according to a port executive director.

The launch of the new route became possible only after the lifting of sanctions against Iran by the international community.

The rails' inability to increase their market share over road could threaten public funding of the sector.
Officials believe dedicated shuttle trains will drive significant freight traffic gains at JNPT, as well as cost benefits for northwest hinterland shippers.
It is unclear whether Maersk's strategy regarding forwarders is a temporary tactical move or part of a broader push.
CMA CGM is the latest carrier to cash in on the cost-advantage feature of the the Adani Hazira Container Terminal.

A customer poses the question: can one forbid a shipper from using a certain carrier for goods?