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In-depth coverage of air freight-forwarders, including earnings, rates, volume and more.


To cut through the confusion and determine whether a broker or an LSP meets your needs, you need to ask several key questions.

News & Analysis

01 Jan 2018
The US regulatory agency begins the year with two vacancies — vacancies that will likely have a policy impact.
30 Dec 2017
Technology that provides real-time cargo location visibility gained much attention in 2017, as did tracking for containers, chassis, and other equipment. That trend is likely to continue in 2018. Here's why. 
29 Dec 2017
Spot rates in the major east-west trades ended 2017 on a high note.
29 Dec 2017
The supply-demand forecast is available. So is the historical data, along with the start date and location. So why can't terminals and/or ports implement a more-efficient, utilitarian chassis system?
29 Dec 2017
A key, new container shipping partnership will commence operations in 2018's first quarter, and it will affect the intra-Asia supply-demand equation.
29 Dec 2017
Key north-south parties expect the positive trade pattern to continue in the year ahead, but there are challenges that could dent that forecast.
28 Dec 2017
The song will likely remain the same regarding the air cargo sector in 2018: increasing demand, which suggests that building a 'time safety cushion' into your supply chain is prudent.
28 Dec 2017
As strategic 3PLs help their customers leverage new tools and platforms, more traditional logistics providers fall further behind.
27 Dec 2017
If the word for the 1960s was “plastic,” the phrase for the current era may very well turn out to be “third-party logistics provider.”
26 Dec 2017
The RFID system enables exporters and importers to track goods in transit through the port to inland container depots, container freight stations, and to end-users.