One of the most important trade lanes on the globe, the Asia-Europe trade is where mega-ships are typically deployed first after entering service because of the high level of trade between these regions. Ships on this route typically transit the Suez Canal, but low fuel prices and receding ice sheets in the Arctic have some carriers experimenting with routes around the Horn of Africa and Russia. 

29 Dec 2017
Spot rates in the major east-west trades ended 2017 on a high note.
26 Dec 2017
The third direct service supplements the carrier's CIMEX 6 and CIMEX 8 service.
22 Dec 2017
There was no movement in Asia-Europe and Asia-Mediterranean rates this week as the holiday season begins.
18 Dec 2017
The impact of mega-ships and consolidation will see the alliances needing to revise their network offerings in 2018, creating new uncertainty for shippers already concerned at potentially large numbers of canceled sailings.
15 Dec 2017
The rate increases announced by several carriers may not have lifted rates by much, but they at least have prevented a slide deep in the low season.
11 Dec 2017
The Asia-Europe trade has seen greater volume and higher rates this year, but the backhaul trade has outperformed its larger headhaul counterpart.
08 Dec 2017
Rates from China to the United States fell this week with ample capacity on the trade and demand starting to weaken.
06 Dec 2017
Maersk transports roughly 20 percent of India’s total containerized cargo.
01 Dec 2017
Spot rates from China to Europe strengthened this week, but the surplus capacity in the trade and the reluctance of carriers to blank sailings will likely limit any sharp increases in the run up to Chinese New Year.
30 Nov 2017
The opening of the Turkmenbashi seaport in Turkmenistan gives shippers interested in using China-Europe rail one more routing option.
29 Nov 2017
European shippers can realize inventory cost and transit times savings via Mediterranean routings.
24 Nov 2017
The post peak-season slump has continued for trans-Pacific spot rates, while Asia-Europe market prices flattened out this week.
17 Nov 2017
Spot rates on Asia-Europe continue their weak season decline despite carrier efforts to raise prices.
14 Nov 2017
Hamburg's HHLA is the latest Europe port to post a strong increase in container throughput with 2017 shaping up as a good year.
10 Nov 2017
Rates on Asia-Europe were back in decline this week, and the market fundamentals make it unlikely that prices will increase much before Chinese New Year.
06 Nov 2017
Analysts continue to highlight the lack of canceled sailings that will leave carriers facing increasingly severe overcapacity as new vessels sail into service and undermine their contract negotiating position.
03 Nov 2017
Rate increases across the east-west trades in early November could only give container transport prices an incremental bump upwards.
02 Nov 2017
The growth has been most pronounced on the busiest trades to Russia.
02 Nov 2017
Container volume declines continue at APM Terminals-operated Pipavav Port.
30 Oct 2017
China had planned to divert 15 percent of its overall container flows between it and Europe.
30 Oct 2017
Capacity management has enabled the carriers to build profitability in 2017 after six years of losses, but a reluctance to withdraw vessels could drag down gains as service contracts begin.
27 Oct 2017
It has taken 13 weeks and several rate increase attempts, but the Asia-Europe spot market responded positively this week.
24 Oct 2017
Exports from Europe were delayed for weeks from February as capacity tightened.
23 Oct 2017
By 2020, hub ports in Europe can expect the vast majority of all calls to be made by ships with a capacity greater than 14,000 TEU.
20 Oct 2017
With just two months left of the year, carriers trying to turn around the steady rate decline on Asia-Europe are battling against a structural overcapacity undermining all attempts at increasing rates.
13 Oct 2017
The post-Golden Week slow demand season and surplus capacity has pulled down rates across the east-west trades.
06 Oct 2017
It is holiday time for China’s weary ports and terminal operators that have had a busy three quarters exporting containers to Europe.
19 Sep 2017
Will carriers be able to better manage space on ships from Europe to Asia in the first quarter of 2018?
18 Sep 2017
Success or failure of rate increases less important to carriers than the sustained profitability of the spot rate, believes Drewry.
15 Sep 2017
“The pre-Golden Week holiday volume spike is bleak this year.”
14 Sep 2017
The China-Europe rail route is gaining in popularity among shippers, but even with its rapid growth, the weekly capacity overland is just 2 percent of that offered by ocean.
08 Sep 2017
The decline in spot rates on Asia-Europe accelerated this week with concerns that the widespread factory closures will result in a muted increase in volume and prices that traditionally occurs before China’s Golden Week holidays in October.
01 Sep 2017
Spot market rates ignored another round of rate increases this week, a very different reaction to the increases levied on Sept. 1 last year.
30 Aug 2017
An early peak season is expected in the air cargo sector.
29 Aug 2017
Carriers have announced blanked sailings in the weeks that cover China's October holidays with demand expected to fall off.
27 Aug 2017
Shippers and forwarders, some already bruised following the rollout of new global container shipping alliances and subsequent delays in the trade between China and Europe, are preparing for more pain and disruption.