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21 Dec 2017
Tension over the crunch has sparked a number of disputes in recent months.
15 Dec 2017
Customs officials listed a series of arbitrary rate actions by carriers and terminals on direct port delivery cargo handling and called for stricter regulations to create transparency across the supply chain.
13 Dec 2017
In addition to making life easier for port users regarding day-to-day operations information, the portal is also targeting predictive capabilities to enable the better allocation of resources and assets.
12 Dec 2017
As vessels get bigger and cost reduction is increasingly a priority to carriers, terminal operators will be under growing pressure to make better use of the resources they have, a key global operations professional told JOC’s Port Performance North America Conference on Tuesday.
11 Dec 2017
Do not expect the automation wave to engulf US marine terminals anytime soon.
09 Dec 2017
The latest JOC port productivity data show call sizes continued to increase globally through the first half of 2017.
08 Dec 2017
Brazilian terminal operators have slowly been squeezed out of the market as international players such as China Merchants Port Holdings, which has 90 percent of TCP, and DP World break into Brazil.
07 Dec 2017
A closer look at contract extension talks for the US East and Gulf coasts suggests less cause for alarm.
01 Dec 2017
Fruit shippers' longstanding frustration with what they describe as high rates and low service levels could change with the introduction of more competition.
01 Dec 2017
The DPD program is a vital part of government efforts to lower logistics costs and improve supply chain efficiency.