Logistics Technology and the Shipper: Measuring the Benefits

More than ever before, technology is making its presence felt in international logistics. A flurry of ambitious startups, free from the burden of legacy technology, culture, and organizations is appearing, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital funding — all in the pursuit of supply chain efficiency and cargo visibility. Meanwhile, established players are placing big bets on digitization to break new ground in customer experience, cost savings, and competitive positioning. But amid all the hype, one thing is clear: no definitive outcome is in sight. The industry has not been transformed or even disrupted to a significant degree. In terms of cargo visibility, most supply chains still operate in the dark, yet when fully available and leveraged, true visibility would save shippers millions of dollars in detention and demurrage, late and expedited fees, theft and inventory costs, and improved customer service, some experts believe. For ocean carriers, true visibility would result in a reduction in the number of forfeited loads, more miles and a reduction in overall traffic congestion. Although progress has been slow, green shoots of innovation are appearing everywhere; entrepreneurs are mining big data in search of new sources of value; the morass of paperwork is under attack; small forwarders that add little value are being exposed; competing business models are subject to intense debate as the landscape remains fluid. 

This webcast will analyze the current state of logistics technology; look at some of the innovative companies attempting to bring meaningful change to the industry, and a critical evaluation of where the industry is in cargo visibility, and where it needs to be. It will also include discussion around how predictive analytics can solve real-life problems for shippers, terminal operators, and other stakeholders.


Hugh Morley, Senior Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit


Mike Simon, Principal Consultant, DefinedLogic

Dr. ManWo Ng, Assistant Professor of Maritime and Supply Chain Management, Strome College of Business, Old Dominion University


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Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 14:00